[ As of March 14, 2023 ] Cure Bot's website and discord bot has been acquired by Lev. The old owner left the project. More Info
A Small Update
Posted by Lev
April 27, 2023
This is my first post! Cure Bot has been updated with a few small changes. I'll do my best to post here for some updates later. Stay tuned for big updates!
Hello, Dear
Posted by Old Owner
March 14, 2023
It's me, I'm the old owner who maintained a Cure Bot until March 13, 2023. Someone acquired this website and discord bot. Cure Bot is now belongs to Lev, and I'm leaving the Cure Bot project.
While I decide to make a new discord bot for Genshin Impact and other related because it's make-fun, in the future!

Please note that I no longer use this website and/or discord bot as a maintainer anymore. The new owner will take over the Cure Bot. Bye for now :)