[ As of March 14, 2023 ] Cure Bot's website and discord bot has been acquired by Lev. The old owner left the project. More Info
Who made Cure Bot?
Cure Bot was originally founded by Nari and his friends in 2019 'til April 12, 2020
Can I suggest a feature?
We love to hear your ideas and feedback. You can suggest new ideas for Cure Bot, feel free to ask @CureBotDiscord on Twitter. We will continue adding other features and improvements to Cure Bot in the future!
How do I use Cure Bot?
Cure Bot is used by sending chat messages in Discord. All command for Cure Bot start with slash commands /help (or) the mention prefix @Cure Bot help. For a full list of commands, click here.
An argument displayed as [arg] is optional, and one displayed as <arg> is required.
Why is the bot not responding?
Please check the following;
  • Please ensure that the bot has the Read Messages, Send Messages, and Embed Links permissions either on the whole server or in the channel you're in.
  • You are using the correct prefix. Use @Cure Bot to check the prefix in the Discord server you're in.
  • If the bot is offline because of a Discord issue, or a third-party issue such as our hosting provider.
Let us know on the support server if it still does not respond.
Does Cure Bot support slash commands?
I don't see any slash commands for Cure Bot?
Check the Cure Bot's permission, make sure you have the Use Application Commands enabled. If doesn't work, try to re-invite the bot to your Discord server.
Can I change Cure Bot's avatar?
No. You can't change a bot's global avatar.
What language is the bot written in?
The code is written in JavaScript and uses the Discord.js library and Node.js.