Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Cure Bot?

Cure Bot is used by sending chat messages in Discord. All command for Cure Bot start with the prefix c;. For a full list of commands, click here.
An argument displayed as [arg] is optional, and one displayed as <arg> is required.

Can I change Cure Bot's prefix?

Yes, you can change. c;prefix to set the custom prefix in your server.

Can I change Cure Bot's language?

Yes, you can change. c;language to set the language in your server.

Can I change Cure Bot's avatar?

No. You can't change a bot's global avatar.

What language is the bot written in?

The code is written in JavaScript and using Discord.js and Node.js.

Is the source available to public?

As of Feb 2021, Cure Bot's code is available to public, visit gihbut repo..
Please note that the project is not completed yet and is still undergoing development.